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Here at Bell Lane Garage we have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to provide a Main Dealer service at a lower price. We have a modern, well equipped garage and we strive to move with the times, keeping up with the new equipment required to maintain all new vehicle systems.



  • Rattle from Engine Timing Chain Area

  • Engine MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) illuminated

Vehicles fitted with Ingenium Engines

  • Jaguar XE

  • Jaguar XF

  • Jaguar F-Pace

  • Jaguar E-Pace


These timing chains stretch over time and can cause damage or even failure to the engine if not checked / updated.

If you are concerned or would like a quote please contact us on 01977 651100

ingenium engine.jpg

Bell Lane Garage Ltd are experts in diagnostic fault finding.  We have the latest diagnostic equipment and use methods such as oscilloscope testing to display constantly varying signals and voltages to highlight inconsistencies in a circuit feedback.

Modern cars cannot be diagnosed by swapping parts from other vehicles.  Each system on the car is module controlled and needs to be programmed to the individual car it is fitted to. Having the modules programmed correctly is a must for safety and drivability of the vehicle as you need to enter such information as tyre size, wheel size and if a tow bar is fitted for the electronic stability program to work correctly.

Bell Lane Garage Ltd can add, remove and update different features programmed to the vehicle modules for your convenience such as opening and locking features, anti-highjack, warning lights and chimes, comfort and entertainment features. We can even add cruise control to your vehicle.




Sometimes on vehicles the fault is not down to component failure, it could be just a case of updating the software. 


The X-type 2.0D, for example, has an issue with poor/erratic tick over and you are unable to rev the engine for the first 30 seconds after the engine has been started from hot.  Bell Lane Garage Ltd can rectify this fault with a small file software update which will make the car perform as it should.

Once a diagnostic test has determined that a component is faulty, we will then electronically test the component to prove this is indeed where the fault lies.

  • IDS / SDD Code reading

  • Jaguar Pathfinder using the latest DOIP (Diagnostics over internet provider)

  • Live data recording

  • Oscilloscope data mapping

  • Module programming

  • Add / remove vehicle features and software

  • Component testing

  • Signature testing

  • Data analysis

  • Smoke testing

  • Pressure / Vacuum testing

  • Key programming

  • Immobiliser / security programming

  • Key fob repairs and programming

  • Diesel injector testing

  • Fuel pump testing

  • Injector correction factor programming

  • Air bag and crash data resets

  • Body control module resets

  • Petrol and diesel compression testing


Vehicles with a manual transmission will have a clutch enabling the vehicle to move forwards and backwards.  Clutches are hard wearing, but do need to be replaced as the clutch wears down.

At Bell Lane Garage Ltd we fit OE quality clutch parts such as LUK and Sachs (Cheaper is not always better).

After removing the gearbox and clutch we will then advise the customer if the Dual Mass Flywheel has excessive play and requires replacing as it will invalidate the warranty on the clutch if not replaced when necessary.

clutch repairs

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is fitted to a diesel vehicle which filters particulate matter from the exhaust gases.  These filters enable reductions in emissions which help meet European emission standards.

From February 2014 MOT tests include a check for the presence of a DPF.  If your DPF is missing, where one was fitted at the point of manufacture, will result in an MOT failure.

DPF's need to be emptied via a regeneration regularly to burn the soot, which clogs up the DPF, in to gas at a very high temperature.  Regeneration, if not carried out correctly, can lead to a build-up of soot which can affect the performance of the vehicle and lead to expensive repair costs.

Regeneration should occur when the vehicle is driven above 50 mph for a continuous period of 25 minutes or more but blocked DPF's will require workshop attendance to carry out a forced regeneration through diagnostic software.

diesel particulate filters DPF

Timing belts, aka Cambelts, are required to synchronise the Crankshaft and Camshaft to ensure the engine's valves open and close at the correct times.

The Timing Belt's teeth can experience stress, crack and deteriorate over time and mileage causing the belt to snap which in turn could cause extensive damage to the engine.  Each vehicle will have a specific recommended replacement interval to reduce the risk of a Timing Belt failure.

If your vehicle has a Timing Belt we will highlight the recommended replacement time on your service sheet or you can contact us and we can let you know the recommended replacement time specific to your vehicle over the phone.

When replacing a Timing Belt, we also replace the Idler's and Tensioners associated with the belt as the bearings can become dry, have movement and potentially throw the belt from the pulley's.

In some cases, the Water Pump is driven from the Timing Belt.  If this is the case with your vehicle we would recommend the Water Pump is also replaced for the same reason as the Idler's and Tensioner's.

If your Water Pump is leaking it can cause coolant to drip on to the belt, causing contamination and premature failure of the Timing Belt.  In this case, we would advise you to have your Timing Belt and Water Pump replaced.

Jaguar timing belt
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